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Solomon invites Ceausescu to revisit Romania, 20 years after he has been executed. The dictator haunts present-day capitalist society, emerged in the Wild East and often deeply rooted in its communist past.
The film offers incredible access to top magnates – at home, in their offices and in their minds – building a bitter-sweet portrait of a new ruling class.
Capitalism with a K – an Eastern European cocktail of power and money.
This is now part of Greater Europe.

The film is accompanied by 90 minutes of deleted scenes, including rushes with characters that didn’t make it into the final edit.
English, French, German and Romanian versions. Available in select bookshops.

A coproduction Hi Film (Romania) / Seppia (France) / Neon Rouge (Belgium) to be released in spring 2010

World sales: CAT&Docs, http://www.catndocs.com

Website: www.kapitalism.ro